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Hello friends! We entered this competition - Gamerpeer’s Don’t play with yourself $500 challenge, and it would mean a lot to us if you would go on to the video and leave a comment with our name in it to vote for us! We want to use the money to bring everyone more fun things like skits and better quality content! Thanks a lot in advance ;)



Another @ZeldaUniverse video by @ithika and @muse is up!  You can check out our previous one here

and the others we’ve done so far are here


So these photos probably look super unrelated but they’re all pieces in a weird story that is the last two days.

The story is also boring so you’ve been warned.

I’ve been swimming a lot lately, it’s been super warm here in Perth and I have friends with pools and have had a generally pretty happy time about it. I however didn’t own bathers and my clothes were starting to get ruined, so I embarked on one of the most horrifying things someone can do.

Swimwear shopping.

I finally got wind of a place in Subiaco called Daneechi’s who cater for larger breasted ladies because ain’t no normal bathers fitting me and my huge… Ness. I’m fatter than what feels natural and good for me (80ish kgs and 170cmish tall) and am naturally just fucking curvier than a crazy straw. I had D cups when I was 12 and I’m now around a 12 F in bra sizes. It is hard enough to get bras that fit let alone swimwear.

So I dragged the boyfriend to this place tried on a few things, left and cried because oh shit that experience was traumatic. We then had launch, and I said “FUCK IT I NEED FUCKING BATHERS WE’RE GOING BACK” and he cautiously obliged.

I tried on everything. Everything remotely in my size and even enlisted the help of a wonderful sales girl who just kept bringing me stuff. This sucked, as looking at oneself in the mirror half naked for an hour in various unflattering clothes is devastating.. For me anyway.

Two bathers in the store fitted me nicely, and I settled on the first pair. They were ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FUCKING DOLLARS.

I bought them. They are the first pic.

Of course spending that much money is depressing as balls so I decided to cheer myself up by buying some new pencils (idk logic where for art thou?). I could only afford the cheap ones for kids after my monstrous purchase but I bought them anyway because fuck you bathers and bank account.

The next day I’m restless as balls and want to draw so I decide fuck it kiddy pencils I’ll give you a whirl. I’ve been playing a lot of The Legend of Zelda games because I’m doing videos for Zelda Universe and want to bone up. This idea came to me pretty quickly but man do these pencils make everything look like a children’s book.

My dog makes me happy so she’s in there too.

I like idea but man I’m not a fan of this execution ATM. I eventually stop drawing out of frustration and because dog decides to lay on my hand.

That night I’m still incredibly restless and upset that my gym closed early so I couldn’t actually do that thing where I make myself feel marginally better by at least trying to get in shape. Boyfriend suggests we go out to check out the fringe festival, and although we saw nothing I caught up with some friends and watched a silent disco and kinda felt better.

And today I’ve woken up with a really sore neck, and confusion about whether or not it’s worth continuing or scrapping the drawing.

Restlessness is the worst feeling… But so is hating your body and the way you look so much that you contemplate cutting off chunks of it to make yourself feel better. These have dominated me the past few days, so I’m trying to find the little joys, and am also venting here, because all the peeps I have on tumblr are pretty nice and they won’t hate me too much for it.


Hey all

So the cool guys at Zelda Universe asked if we’d like to make some videos for them - so this is our mailbag video, which we will do weekly where we answer questions about zelda ^-^

you guys should pop on over to their youtube and ask questions for our next mailbag :)


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